Yami Vapor – Shaka – 100ml / 0mg

Yami Vapor - Shaka - 100ml - 100ml / 6mg

Yami Vapor – Shaka – 100ml / 0mg Shaka by Yami Vapor is a tantalizing mango and mangosteen flavored E-Liquid. The exquisite and flavorful tropical fruit mangosteen with sweet ripe mangos weaves together deliciously with each inhale and exhale. Shaka by Yami Vapor is presented in a ultra premium packaging.

In 2014, a study with 949 current smokers was published. Participants used electronic cigarettes for a year. The study showed that the use of electronic cigarettes did not help smokers to quit smoking or reduce cigarette consumption. By contrast, a review of two other studies showed that the smoking cessation rate in 6 months for electronic cigarettes was higher than that of a placebo without nicotine. In one of the studies, electronic cigarettes were as effective as nicotine patches after 6 months. Although these studies are promising, more research is needed so that these methods can replace other nicotine replacement therapies.

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